Machinery inside a manufacturing plant.

Why become a member?

EPIXC institute members are connected to a diverse group of stakeholders. We partner with multiple industrial sectors including iron and steel; chemicals and refining; food processing, cement, pulp and paper along with utilities, engineering firms, career professionals and a host of others. We have national laboratories, academia, unions and community organizations all focusing on clean energy production and workforce development.

Together we aim to overcome systems level challenges related to industrial heating which cannot be solved through individual R&D projects.

Benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Participation in governing the institute, through board participation, road mapping and project selection. Participation in submissions to proposal requests.
  • Access to a unique research eco-system with top level researchers focused on various aspects of industrial electrification.
  • Access to work force ranging from pre-collegiate to undergrade to graduate to post-doctoral levels.
  • Access to bespoke test beds designed to prove electric heating technologies at a systems level.
  • Access to institute software ranging from simulations of unit processes to factories to TEA, LCA and SIA.
  • Access to institute webinars, networking meetings and professional development programs.

Join us

Whether you are an industry (small or large), university or nonprofit, state and local government agency, we welcome you to join our public private partnership.