Silloutte of nuclear power plant at dusk.

Technology road map

EPIXC initiated its roadmapping process with two workshops focusing on industry needs and opportunities for decarbonization through electrification. These workshops, along with the recently released DOE Industrial Decarbonization Roadmap informed the initial RD&D plans and provided a starting foundation for developing the Institute’s technology, education and workforce development, energy justice and diversity, equity, inclusion and access activities. 

EPIXC will initiate a formal roadmapping process in the very near future, engaging stakeholders in all aspects and stages of the roadmap development, including manufacturers, unions, technology and service providers, researchers, educators, government agencies, national laboratories, communities and industry organizations. Broad participation will encourage deeper insights into barriers to the replacement of fossil-based heating with electrified technologies and their benefits. The process will help identify technology gaps to address specific barriers, and technology options to close the gaps and to apply electrified heating technologies across multiple industry sectors.

Roadmapping activities will also identify programatic options to address workforce gaps, including employment of people from underrepresented populations, and potential economic and environmental benefits of electrification to both manufacturers and the local, frequently disadvantaged communities in which they operate. The integration of technology, workforce development and diversity, equity, inclusion and access programming will accelerate the adoption of electrification technologies.

The output of the roadmapping process will inform EPIXC’s Strategic Investment Plan, and will be updated annually to account for recent progress, new needs, and assess risk.