Inside an industrial space showing clean steel machines.


Learn more about the U.S. Department of Energy’s 7th Clean Energy Manufacturing Institute.

Grid-Interactive Steelmaking with Hydrogen (GISH) project, funded through DOE’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, a consortium of universities, National Laboratories and Industries have built and operate a pilot scale reactor which can operate flexible with hydrogen and natural gas.

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Fulton Schools of Engineering: Engineering low-carbon building materials. EPIXC will be a major contributor to their new research center, the Center for Carbon Efficient and Advanced Manufacturing of Materials and Structures

May 10, 2024

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Program: 2024 Annual Merit Review Awards. EPIXC CEO Sridhar Seetharaman was recognized for outstanding leadership and contributions to the development, assessment and demonstration of iron ore reduction and metallization using hydrogen in a pilot-scale reactor.

May 8, 2024

Industrious: Why the planet should be glad Sridhar Seetharaman is not a physicist. A profile of EPIXC CEO from the US Department of Energy, Industrial Efficiency & Decarbonization Office

March 25, 2024

“The Next Climate Frontier: Industrial Decarbonization” panel discussion hosted by EPIXC, LightWorks at ASU and the Security and Sustainability Forum

March 13, 2024

EPIXC initiative to tackle greenhouse gas emissions
Feb. 29, 2024

EPIXC CEO Sridhar Seetharaman appointed to U.S. DOE Industrial Technology Innovation Advisory Committee

Feb. 27, 2024

EPIXC & AIST Symposium: Electrification of Iron and Steel.
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EPIXC’s Robin Hammond gives advice to current and future students about careers in engineering
Nov. 30, 2023

EPIXC joins other DOE-sponsored projects presenting to Southeast Texas leaders during Carbon Summit
Nov. 1, 2023

EPIXC takes part in Venture Cafe Phoenix
Oct. 26, 2023

Investing in innovation to decarbonize American industry
Oct. 13, 2023

Curtailing unhealthy impacts of steel production
Oct. 3, 2023

DOE announces $264M for basic research in support of Energy Earthshots™
Sept. 29, 2023

Register for DOE’s virtual Industrial Heat Shot Summit Sept. 7, 2023

Kuder partners with Arizona State University in the leading-edge EPIXC public-private partnership
Aug. 23, 2023

Congressional Conference brings state, industry leaders together to talk about the future of Arizona
Aug. 17, 2023

ASU to lead new DOE Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute
May 16, 2023